Every sport has its championship. Every sport has its world ranking list.

For many who like to memorize numbers, PI is the ultimate number, and it makes sense to create a list for people to get in touch and learn where they stand in the world of memorizers.

This is your chance to know !

If you follow the rules , you can be part of the first ever Pi World Ranking List.

We hope that everyone with an interest in PI will take this oportunity to participate in order to create the most complete list possible. As the rules are the same for everyone, we are striving to build a fair and accurate list.

It may take some time until the list will really be a WRL, but in the end everyone will be able to see where he or she stands.

Of course, there will also be a World Ranking List for people who memorize e or Sqrt(2). The same rules will apply for those lists.